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Jess Koller - Owner and Lead Designer

I always knew growing up that I could never work in an office.  Being tucked away in some cubical, staring at a computer screen all day was not something I could see myself doing.  I knew at a young age that I needed to work with my hands and be in an environment that inspired creativity.  When I discovered floral design in high school, I knew I was onto something.  It combined so many of my favorite things; flowers, nature, color, creativity, and celebrations. I continued to work with flowers after high school, from a small garden center to a local floral shop and then finally, I got a job working for a wedding florist.  This is when everything changed for me, I knew I had found my calling.  After a few years, I took a leap of faith and started Koller Design Studio, and haven't looked back. 

When I’m not designing weddings and making trips to the San Francisco Flower Market, you can find me working in my cut flower garden, drinking coffee, visiting with friends, snuggling my pets, or reading.  I also love to travel, something I inherited from my parents, and have had the opportunity to travel for weddings, which has been a dream come true.  

I not only love the floral design aspect of weddings, but all of the other design elements that come together to create a day that beautifully reflects each couple and their style as well as their love for one another.



Koller Design Studio is a Northern California based, floral design studio, specializing in organic and botanical inspired designs.  For us, inspiration is found all around, primarily in nature and all things botanic. Our arrangements are often organic, whimsical, and romantic, while also incorporating special elements such as textures, or a specific bloom that is loved by the couple.  We believe in using locally grown and in-season blooms whenever possible, which ensures that we are using only the best product for our clients.  Each bloom is thoughtfully sourced and artfully placed, so that every flower is not only of the best quality, but also shines in each arrangement.  We work closely with growers and suppliers when sourcing the flowers for each of our couples, and take pride in those relationships we have developed over the years.  

Curious about what we offer? Follow the link below to learn more.

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